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    Early 1972 240Z with a Cali punt in 1992

    Thanks for the update Mike, great to see such nice original car and lovely to see that you are managing to get back working on the car again.
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    Bicester scramble 24th April

    Hopefully there might be a few more that book up for the new date then.
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    Bicester scramble 24th April

    Is this the right date? only I have tickets for Saturday 23rd April, it's possible they have added a new date as this event is so popular.
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    Early 1972 240Z with a Cali punt in 1992

    Hi Mike, glad that your surgery went well and is behind you now, the car is looking good but to my mind is crying out for a full paint job now, and keep the interior black. At least you have plenty of time to contemplate your next move. Get well soon and I look forward to the next installment. Dave
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    Ebay Nissan Fairlady

    Really found your input very interesting, and I think the car is certainly an unusual non run off the mill, viable project for some one in this Club..
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    Ebay Nissan Fairlady

    And whats the verdict on this one?
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    Re chroming recommendations I have used them, and providing you are in no hurry ( My job took 9 months! ) they were excellent.
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    ENERGY SUSPENSION Red Performance Polyurethane bush set

    Yes I realize that, I just wanted an owners view who had a full polyurethane bush kit fitted, if they would do it all again or only fit parts of the kit with part oem bushes.
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    ENERGY SUSPENSION Red Performance Polyurethane bush set

    Has any one used this set up, and if so would they use it again? Looking into doing a full suspension rebuild but don't want to spoil the overall ride in the Z.
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    JDM Fairlady 2by2

    RHD as well, that's a bonus.
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    Anglia car auctions 240Z

    Plus there is a buyers premium of 8% (+vat) to be added to your bid price.
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    240Z LHD Turbo at auction

    Had a good look over this car at Historics Windsorview Lakes last Friday, and the price it sold for was a lot more than I would have been prepared to pay for it, but then most of the lots achieved high prices after they had added commission and VAT.
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    F1 - great race.

    I always look forward to the the F1 race weekend coverage, and although I'm not a fan of football, I must admit to be drawn in to the EURO 2020!
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    Ebay advert

    Is this a scam, sure looks dodgy to me?