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    Japanese Drag Z cars

    Watch out for your mates toes....... Not bad, in the 10's I like the way the red car looks pretty standard apart from an front spoiler and big rear tyres
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    Bicester Scramble June 19th

    Would love to go up with some other Z's this time, but unfortunately it clashes with another event for me in Goodwood
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Will try and make it on the same day next scramble
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    I was parked on the Rollhard stand , easy to miss with So many other kool cars about , I did go looking for Z's a couple of times as people kept telling me there was another couple about but couldn't find yours or Jon's Great to meet you Jon , sorry I had to rush back to Wales could of talked...
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Took the Z to Bicester Heritage today for a day out and what an awsome day it was , so many kool cars there !
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    Track rod end fouling rota wheel

    T3 ones without coilovers but I ran them on my last 240z with coilovers to this is there new version
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    Track rod end fouling rota wheel

    looks like its the bump steer spacer, you can run a offset one to get away from the problem , I've used some for years on my 240z with 15x8 0ET Rota's and gives you a bit of camber on the front without cutting up your strut mounts, If you not to low you can do without the spacer or loads on...
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    Subaru R180 diff clunking

    Did it say what type of diff it was ? or what car/year it was out of ? I could work it out then If its a clutch LSD that's the right oil, It if not then it should be normal hypoid, but it does sound like a clutch type to me as its not slipping when your going round a tight corner , hence...
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    Subaru R180 diff clunking

    What type of LSD unit is in there ? Clutch type are a bit noisier but not much , SureTrak and Torsen a little quieter. I changed my Clutch type to a Torsen last winter but not to much difference to be honest, if its clutch, how much grab is it set to ? , also if its clutch type have you got...
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    240z Front Bumper

    Think there sometimes called a Devil Z front spoiler, after Wangan Midnight have a look on here
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    What did you do to your Z this week?

    Took mine out for a quick spin today, its been a while
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    another '432' For Sale

    Don't know how much that Uk based car was price wise , but this Japan car STARTS at what I work out as just over 115k S30's do looks great in White to
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    Brake upgrades, inc handbrake concerns

    Just to update this and as I really can't remember if i have put this on here yet , I have now tweaked the design of my bracket to use the 300zx ally 4 pots you can get off Rockauto and use the vented skyline disc's , or a Jag vented disc for 260z & 280z's, so you can run them under most...
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    UK Z432 For sale

    I wonder how much that is ? and is it the one that came in a couple of years ago
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    Return Fuel Line on Triple Webers

    Yeah regulated to 3.5 PSI after the carbs before the return , I was thinking that the return would keep the fuel kool and bypass the carbs easier if they didn't need any fuel but the last carb was running a bit lean at full chat , so fitted a better pump (more flow) and fitted the reg before...