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    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    Reminding myself that this is a photo thread. So here's a lovely shot of Nissan works driver, SCCN team member Kenji Tohira sitting in Fuji Speedway's course car - a Nissan Fairlady Z432-R - for the 'Fuji 300 Mile' race on 7th June 1970:
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    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    My best guess is that it is a combination of factors, not the least of them being about 50+ years of language gap (we never got the Japanese side of the story until recently) and other sources - mainly American - stepping in by default to fill that gap. The problem is that a lot of it is...
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    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    You'll notice how testy I get about all this (sorry....). The erroneous stuff that's written about the whole saga is like Japanese knotweed. It seems to be impossible to kill. Does my head in. But then these cars have always had that problem.
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    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    The car was based on a Japanese market Fairlady 240Z ('HS30' prefixed) and was much modified by the Nissan Works team for entry in the Kyalami 9hrs race in 1973. Nissan built two cars for the race. They featured all the current Group 4 & 5 bodywork (Grande Nose and extra wide overfenders) and...
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    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    Quite a complicated story, but I have discussed it before (on here?) and can't find a link at the moment. Basically the car used to belong to Mr Andre Haller, a restaurateur from Strasbourg who used to do a bit of racing and hillclimbing. Haller's main claim to fame was in entering an ex-Works...
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    Just a photo the z club members may ( or may not ) enjoy

    Some fanciful and grand (not to say daft) claims have been made in the past regarding the identity of this car. Regrettable, as the car has its own identity. A small walk-on part in a bigger story, but at least it is correct.
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    Wow - body transformed

    Not a real car, but a Photoshop creation from some years back.
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    Yellow G-Nose for sale

    They are the dimensions including the factory overfenders for the HS30-H Fairlady 240ZG model, and the Marugen Shōkai standard ZG overfenders - as fitted to the car in question - are an accurate replica of them, so the dimensions will be correct. The worry is that people will use/confuse the...
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    Yellow G-Nose for sale

    That's a lot of car for the money. I've known this car, off and on, for many years. I imported the replica 'Grande Nose' kit, OEM headlamp covers and OEM ZG-specific bonnet hinges from Japan for a previous owner many years ago. The recent work - commissioned by the seller and carried out at...
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    Yellow G-Nose for sale

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    little bit of 240z Rally eye candy...

    Bizarre that he's introducing the Randy Jaffe-owned 'tribute' car as the *ACTUAL* '71 East African Safari Rally winning car. It's a pastiche, mostly consisting of paint and stickers. Nothing - nothing - like The Real Thing.
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    Rare 72 240 grill

    Coincidence? Hmmmm....
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    Nissan head office Datsun 240z

    To be fair, that car has done a lot of Nissan Press Fleet work over the years. Many of the people let loose in it would have been less than 100% sympathetic. Yes, some of the details are not correct but would be fairly easy to remedy. The wheel choice could be better, but the decision to fit...
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    260z for sale

    "NEVER USED IN THE WET PILES OF HISTORY" A line worthy of Keats, Shelley or Lord Byron.
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    Some rare Z bits?

    They would be very handy spares for my Fairlady 240ZG. Could you PM me with a figure you'd be looking for? Thanks.