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    question about member locations

    how much is membership for us non-uk folks? suzy, our local club is one of the most active in the north east [new york, pennsylvania, new england, etc]. check our website at; i'm the former pres of the club and we began a bit over 6 years ago with just 5 z car owners and a...
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    question about member locations

    planning to head over-probably next fall-winter [oct-nov 2007]. can anyone tell me how to include a signature. i've looked all over the user cp, and can't seem to find anything. thanks
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    question about member locations

    i'm new to this site but not to the z / zed community. anyway, we're beginning to plan a family vacation to ireland and i wanted to know if there are any zed owners there and/or a local club. figure i gotta have something to do in addition to drinking while i'm there. thanks, david
  4. the heart of my 73z

    the heart of my 73z

    2001 general motors LS1. 331 rear wheel horsepower, 360 pound feet of torque-basically stock engine...for now. 6 speed tremec transmission behind it.
  5. my new gauges

    my new gauges

    autometer pro comp gauges-complete!
  6. new fender badges

    new fender badges

    a preview of what's under the hood
  7. right rear shot of my 73z

    right rear shot of my 73z

  8. left front shot of my 73z

    left front shot of my 73z

  9. ZrtFrtSht2


    shot of my 73 240z
  10. zcon_05_wgi_pits


    on my way to hot lapping around wgi
  11. zcon_05_wgi_front_chasing_350z


    me chasing down a new 350z
  12. lf_in_wgi_garage


    in the garage at watkins glen international raceway []