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Originally Posted by SeanDezart View Post
Yummee but does it have an LSD being a GT ?

Airco I see (blasts cold ?) and what stereo as I see after market speakers in the doors ?
LSD - I dunno ? You tell me. If it was standard ROW spec. then yes, it must have.

Aircon ? Not tested it yet, not warm enough oop North to need it

Not sure about stereo and not with car this week to check, it looks original fit so maybe just extra speakers in door cards ?
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Originally Posted by SeanDezart View Post
Agreed 100%

For a liftback, I'd rather have this :
Indeed. The colt is sweet. I do like celica's and have liked at them a few times, but prefer the jdm look of the coupe rear end than the muscley Americana of the liftback.
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Originally Posted by Rob Gaskin View Post
Now, I don't like that shape - it''s trying to be a Mustang. I prefer the earlier shape and yes in twin-cam spec.
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Needs a lot of love and taking back to OEM condition.
A new Datsun era !

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lsd it would be fitted as new had a 1979 one uk had chrome bumbers rubber inserts all else looks the same
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I busy building one at the moment but its getting Toyota Altezza engine in it and a cage!
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