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Petrol Pump

I must apoligise to Mike Feeney as there is no disrespect in this email regarding supplies as I have had excellent service from Him in the past. Having searched high and low for a service kit for my pump which happened to be a (Ampco) for my 1974 260 Z I ended up on this website in the USA (aladdin automotive parts) .Wanting to keep my car as original as possible I managed to get a pump which looked exactly the same as the one on my car. I received it last saturday morning.I have stripped down both pumps and used the parts that I needed for my old pump. It looks original to me but I have yet to test it out.
The pump from aladdin cost $12.68 and the postage and packing came to $ all in all it was about 45.00.I hope this was of some help especially when I saw a second hand pump on ebay for 100 unserviced just out of the car it was in.Merry xmas and all the best for the new year to everyone.Tony Bates
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Hi Tony,

Do you have the part number for the pump you ordered from Aladdin????
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I'd be interested to know if rebuild parts are available for 240z pumps. I have one that appears as new inside but the diaphragm is very hard.

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Likewise. The exposed outer edge of my diaphragm doesn't look in the best of shapes. Would be interested in any kits that emerge. For the Kyosan Denki mechanical pump I believe (check) the part numbers are:-

Diaphragm 17053 W5301
2 X Valve Actuators 17065 U6010

(Nissan also used Nikki pumps but the internals are different and one brand doesn't fit the other - check)

In the USA they sell a GHB brand which is an OE replacement lookalike. Don't know if the internals of their pumps would fit a kyosan denki or a nikki pump. Saccyclone got info ?
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I purchased a GMB from E-Bay last year but still have it sitting on the shelf. Can't tell you yet if they are any good or not.

Nikki pump info:
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Replacement diaphragm recently made "no longer available" by Nissan GB.
Mike Feeney at MJP (Eastern Auto)
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