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Jezzz I get 30mpg+ at a stready and thats in a heavier 2+2
SUs rule!!!

Originally Posted by uk66fastback View Post
Back of a fag packet calcs ...

50 - say 10 gallons ... 130 miles - 13mpg ... christ that is poor!

My old fastback had a Quickfuel 750CFM drag carb on it and I got 12mpg - and that was a 347cu in stroker ... one of the reasons it had to go. I once went from PBoro to Bury St Edmunds and back and it cost me over 80!
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just adding that new 1 3/4 SU carbs can still be bought from this guy
mini and metro spares!4d-1.9376613

hes a little slow but he somehow managed to pillage all of the old rover stock including a lot of rover V8 parts.
he sourced me 2 brand new carbs for about 300
all i had to do was buy replacment needles as the SM needles wouldnt fit (no top hat fitting for later SU) so ended up using DX needles
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