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24-06-2003, 10:17 PM
Hello People!!
I have some questions 2 ask:
1) I already asked mike about the 280Zx windscreen, coz mine is broking and he told me that a new one would cost me around 125strerling, but i need 2 know an exact price which will include the transport cost, remember to Malta.
2) I need to know also how much is the rubber that fits around the windsreen on which the chrome fits to.
3)How much is the vent that lies not on the bonnet but between the windsreen and the bonnet.
Apart from prices i really wish to know how can i buy them and get them delivered to my country, Malta.

Apart from these questions i would like to note although for many of u it is obvious that the 280Zx is exeptional. Its my first car and i am" Really in love with it" : ))!! Now i am in my fourth month as a 280Zx owner and my dream is to keep it forever safe and sound!!

28-06-2003, 07:55 PM
I have a brand new 280Zx windscreen as supplied by Nissan UK (and made by Pilkington glass). Like Mike says, price is 125 . That is of course a collect price.
Since you live on an island I assume that there are plenty of International shipping agents who work into Malta. You would need to enquire of them how much to collect, export pack(ie put in wooden cage ) and ship to you. Cost will be more than the screen ,I bet. Nottingham England is where I am located.
There is a firm about 30miles from here called Elite Shipping, who advertise a Malta service. Web site is   www.eliteshipping.co.uk  Maybe worth looking at this site.
I also have the plastic grill that fits into the scuttle panel, which could easily come with the screen for a few s extra
Also I could deliver the screen to them for packing and forwarding