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19-03-2005, 08:46 PM
ok guys, what sort of BHP are we talking for a bog stock L28, fitted with a janspeed turbo running at about 5-6 psi boost?

20-03-2005, 12:09 AM
Janspeed quoted 190 bhp running at a modest 4psi and retarded ignition. 210-220 should be possible with your combination and a little more boost as suggested. Ignition management by MicroDynamics EMS6 would be useful.

20-03-2005, 05:17 PM
Ignition management by MicroDynamics EMS6 would be useful.

think Manuel from Faulty Towers-I know nothing!
what is this microdynamics ems6?
is it easy to fit?
does it cost much & can you supply one:) ?

21-03-2005, 03:54 PM
Basically it's a little black box made by Micro Dynamics called an EMS6, as far as I know it retards the ignition automatically via a manifold pressure sensor, allowing you to run at the edge of detonation for maximum power output, also comes with a dash mounted control knob so you can retard the ignition manually, useful when you have no choice but to use low octane fuel. Mike is this correct? Please correct and fill in the gaps :)

Another thing you may want to consider, again let's see what Mike says, is a rising rate fuel presure regulator which will increase fuel pressure as the boost goes up. Again will help avoide detonation. Mike what do you say?

22-03-2005, 01:21 AM
EMS6 control is on the box itself. It dials degrees of retard per thousand rpm when in boost. Boost is determined by hooking it up to one of the original injector boost switches fitted originally by Janspeed - low pressure one if you want retard straight away, higher pressure one if you want a delay. Crude but effective - available to order from MJP.

Almost any aftermarket fuel pressure regulator is better than the OEM unit which was never designed with turbo boost in mind. Range from FSE Power Boost Valve with 1.7:1 enrichment rate and faster response (about 70 - 75) up to Corky Bell specials which claim 15-20 bhp gain at 200 ish. The latter is a bit of a lump to find space for, but highly respected...I've also used the newer AEM unit on some NA cars; also expensive, but pretty anodised colours and a port for a permanent gauge to be fitted (not included in the hefty price tag).