View Full Version : Is it still around?

03-02-2005, 12:03 PM
Hi all. Im a newbie to your forum but not to Z cars. Im on my fifth Z at the moment. Its an NA Z32 but thats another story for another day.
Im just curious to know if one of my old 280ZXs is still about. The Reg was {and probably still is } NAM 242X. I made a big mistake with this car back in 1994. I sold it cos I bought a Jag. Its still my biggest ever automotive mistake but its a road I won't go down again.
The Z was originally an Auto finished in Two Tone Blue and Silver. It was absolutely rotten when I got it but it didn't matter. I cut out every bit of rust and replaced it with good metal and poured in Two Gallons of Hot Waxoyl along with about 5 litres of Hammerite.
I sold it before I got the chance to have it resprayed but the new owner did bring it back to show me when he had it done and it looked great.
Last news I heard of it was it wearing Black paint on the East Lancs road about 2000. Anyone know if its still about?