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08-07-2004, 12:40 AM
wots the craic with these resistors for sale on ebay????

reading the feedback it seems to work on some cars, not on others ,its just a cheap resistor that is being sold.......

anyone know anything about these?

do they work?

worth getting one (not of the guy on ebay)?


09-07-2004, 01:17 AM
Some of these are literally just the cheap resistor plus instructions, some come in a little black box so you can pretend it's more than a resistor and some even come with switchable or potentiometer variable controls. They appear to work by intercepting signals from the air-flow meter and/or air temperature sensor thus fooling the ECU into a cold air enrichment situation. A similar situation was used on 280ZXs a few years back (no-one seems to do it now) where resistors of different values were inserted into the ECU water temperature sensor line to alter fuelling on mildly modified cars. Indeed, instructions on preparing such a resistor insert are given in the Nissan Fuel Injection manual where it is used to enrichen the mixture into a setting where adjustment of the idle CO is required via the air-flow meter by-pass screw. Without the resistor the sensitivity to adjustment is barely discernable.

For experimenters amongst the remaining 280ZX owners, the Nissan recommended value for sea-level to 2000 feet is 1250 ohms. 2000 - 4000 feet above sea-level use 900 ohms, 4000 -6000 feet use 700 ohms and above 6000 feet use 470 ohms. The resistors cost pence. There is a male-female plug in break in the water temperature sensor line just ahead of the fuel pressure regulator, so solder a short length of wire with male connector to one end of the resistor and a short length of wire with female connector to the other end. You then have plug-in mixture variables available! Obviously this is a fairly crude mod and I take no responsibility for any damage you may do or problems you may encounter..............!

An extension of the idea would be to run wires from the connector break into the car where you could have a resistor switch box or even a suitably gauged potentiometer for fully adjustable mixture.