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07-01-2004, 11:16 PM

We have a problem with our 280zx, she will start and run and after about a minute she splutters and dies, it has fuel and spark but when the spark plugs are removed they are drenched in fuel, all the major components of the injection system have been swapped except for the ECU, but to no avail.

Any suggestions?


07-01-2004, 11:54 PM
my oh my i hope u've all rushed off to look something up for me just noticed 15 folk have read the message and no replies

the cars the classy lady no u can't argue on that gents hahaha

07-01-2004, 11:55 PM
hi we all asume that the parts changed are in good working order having said that i would still go for the cold start injector remove it and check it as laid out in the haynes manual it should stop squirting fuel as the engine warms up

07-01-2004, 11:59 PM
hi george we removed the vavle comp0letely and blanked it off inccase it was weeping but no joy

08-01-2004, 01:42 AM
Fuel pressure regulator may have failed, therefore fuel pressure too high? Get a gauge into the system between filter and metal supply pipe around rocker to check idle pressure and for response under throttle opening. Should see 30psi at idle and 37psi on depression of accelerator.

16-01-2004, 07:58 PM
Hi Guys,
Thanx for the tips, managed to cure her problem ended up changing the ECU and wiring loom

thanx again