View Full Version : RB20 in 260Z - 200zr mounts and sump

27-05-2008, 05:50 AM
I am new here so hi everyone, and am an Aust zedder.

I have read in various places about the need for a rear mount sump out of a 200zr to use the silver top RB20 for my 260z conversion. BUT noone appears to be able to answer the question around hood clearance using the 200zr engine mounts with the RB20 silvertop motor.

Soes anyone know if this engine will fit in my 260z 2 seater using these 200zr engine mounts. Reason is i have the opportunity to buy both the mounts and sump and oil pickup and figure if it fits may as well get the mounts aswell instead of having to get some made,

many thanks,

datsun dave
28-05-2008, 08:23 AM
Better to post up on the www.hybridz.org forum they will be better to give you a correct answer about the 200zr engine mounts.