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19-03-2008, 02:43 PM
Been a while since I was on the forum, true to my tag, I have been playing with Porsches but.....

Spotted the 260Z twin turbo in the gallery and had a few questions to ask of anyone that might know anything about it's spec.


It has a Z32 Twin Turbo, is that a 3.0 V6? What sort of figures should it have and what is the donor?

What are those wheels? They look like American Racing rims that are so often fitted to Mustangs. I wonder if it needs any mods.

Having had a 240, a 260 and then Wyn's TVR V8 240, I am keen to go down the forced induction route. There are some cracking RB26 cars in the US and some lovely ones being built in the UK.