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Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items Wanted' started by WHITESTANG, Aug 23, 2017.


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    Hi guys I am nearing the end of the restoration on my 1974 260Z RHD and it seems
    I am missing the part of the loom which connects to the wires in the steering column
    And then goes up under the dashboard to plug in connection there.
    Has anyone got one spare I can buy or point me in the right direction.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Craig 07825. 199613.
  2. Geoff-R

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    I am 90% sure I have a spare one of these. I'll need to check on the weekend though if you can wait?

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    Hi Geoff R
    Thanks for your help but we have got it sorted I had the wrong loom in the dash.
    They all look the same to me.
    I just need a oil pump now that was removed for cleaning and has know gone missing
    I've turned my house and garage upside down it's driving me crazy
    I will order a new one and have done with it.

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