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Which Nissan Z-Car Is Best?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Bobafett, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Bobafett

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  2. Albrecht

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    The usual myopic USA-centric nonsense, IMHO.
  3. smileyinside


    Surely, but still a fun read!

    As a matter of interest is there a good read online on the JDM / European models?
  4. Albrecht

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    I recommend the factory parts lists and factory workshop manuals for a good read.

    They can be found online.
  5. smileyinside


    Agreed they are a good read and rather sizeable too.

    What I was really asking was: there are a tonne of articles out there - case in point those below - But are there any similar to the one originally posted on this thread that is not a book but a concise and "Alan-esque" accurate write up for the European models?


    Even I cringed at the name checking of your "bestie" and the misinformation on this one in particular ...


    Do we know of any that combat the mis-info and set the record straight?

    BTW, these came up on a google search but I think they are for sale on eBay if anyone wants to buy and frame them. A dartboard is best for the second article from what little I know of the history. :p
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  7. Albrecht

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    I'm not sure that there's a one-hit, cure-all article that covers all the bases - or indeed that there could ever be. It would have to be all things to all men and most commercial writing has to conform to either natural or unnatural limitations, largely dictated by target audience and medium.

    But what are you actually seeking? I have shelves full of similar articles compiled from 50-odd years of publications, and the data is out there for the rivet counters who care enough to want to find it (as recommended, mainly in Nissan's own technical literature) and there are plenty of 'driving impressions' type articles for individual cars that usually betray the biases of the individual writers, but it seems to me that people want more than this.

    The question is what? For me an article like the one which kicked off this thread is just popcorn. Firstly, how does it make any sense to compare all the different series of Z (S30, S130, Z31, Z32, Z33, Z34...) and come to any meaningful conclusion about which is "best"? But secondly, each series had a whole range of variants - no better illustration of this than the S30-series itself - and unless you gather them ALL together in stock form and judge them equally you can't hope to do them justice. So what's the point of the articles unless they understand themselves, and make it clear to others, that they are narrow, parochial visions of 'what we got here'...?
  8. Rob Gaskin

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    'Datsins' :smash:

    The headline of the second article - what a start!
  9. smileyinside


    Brilliant spot Rob - I totally missed that!!!

    Albeecht - very good points sir. :thumbs:

    I guess the "average" enthusiast or prospective buyer (like me when buying mine) has little knowledge and looks for internet articles; that typically / inevitably have the USA bent. Not all have the time or appetite for a full Sunday roast so end up with pop corn and fries.
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