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Sunday Drive South Wales

Discussion in 'South West' started by Huw, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Farmer42

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    Great day out & fantastic drive.:driving: All apart from 5 mins and a losing argument with a fence post that is.:(

    Just stopped crying enough to do this post. Pulling into a parking space & misjudged the nose and nudged the fence in front of me. Normally the bumper would have hit first but I hadn't re-fitted it since getting some new brackets so the point of the bonnet hit. Only the slightest of nudges but was enough to dent the bonnet & put a big crack in the paintwork.

    Irritating thing was that I was going to fit the bumper on Saturday but it rained most of the day and decided it was too dark to fit it at 6.30pm. My Missus said "don't do it now you will scratch your paintwork"!!!:banghead:

    Anyways, really need to do more of that sort of drive. Spent nearly all day with a huge smile on my face from enjoying driving and the wonderful engine & exhaust notes coming out of all 3 cars especially in the tunnel in Monmouth.:D:D

    Really good to meet Wyn (and Sam) after reading his previous posts. That car is a Beast & he did well to resist flooring it.

    A couple of pics with slightly different angles.

    Definitely going to have to do Mid & North Wales next year. Thanks to Huw for organising & hopefully get a few more Zeds next time.

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