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Sunday 28th May: South Meet Anyone?

Discussion in 'Anything and everything' started by smileyinside, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. smileyinside


    Awesome Johny!! Look forward to seeing either but most importantly your good self!

    Toopy, I have the same thoughts - don't mind the odd bit of windscreen wiper action but don't really like swimming in my Z costume!
  2. status

    status Active Forum User

    Head gasket done today,seems ok,short shift fitted also,now that I like.need time to fully test.only driven 1 mile so needs a Good run,might have to go up to north Norfolk I'm afraid ( family stuff ) so might be out to play next meet,not enough weekends in the month,wot about a couple of evening meets in the summer ?
  3. smileyinside


    Great news, well done for getting it sorted! But we will miss you.

    Summer eves always difficult for me as I don't get home much before 19:30 but other members may well be able to.

    Look forward to seeing you at another meet Paul!
  4. status

    status Active Forum User

    Wot about a sat night meet,I dont do pub gigs with my band in the summer as I like to be outside drinking lager ,only do biker rallies so have a few Saturdays free for a meet,
  5. smileyinside


    Great plan Status - we have to work on that one!

    Fellas, the weather God has smiled upon our weekend plans ....


    More details to follow about actual route etc.

    Question what time is convenient for us to meet? Is 09:00 too early / late?
  6. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    9:00 sounds about right for me.
  7. tjrvp

    Z Club Member

    yes i am up the road from the grass hopper in Biggin Hill let me know the plans
  8. smileyinside


    Great news Tim. Will send out more details this eve.

    Had no idea there was a fellow Zedder so close. I bought my car from a seller at Biggin Hill trading as "Mr 911" - and what is a fun coincidence is I am member 911! If you've ever been to his place you know there are some lovely rare cars there.

    Look forward to meeting you.
  9. tjrvp

    Z Club Member

    No I haven't sounds very interesting my car is getting mot at fourways this week I really hope it will be ready
    Do you to the Bromley pageant btw
  10. smileyinside



    The weekend is approaching, the weather forecast is good, the Z is on song, I have a full can of oil - hit it! I'm getting excited. But I just can't hide it. Hopefully I won't lose control and I think I'll like it!

    The tally so far:

    Me (Ali) - Blue 260

    Toopy - Maroon 260 2+2

    Bsull - silver 240

    Status - S30 with new head gasket

    JohnyMD - Monster blue 240 or gentleman racer Silver 240 (he has one for every mood!)

    Tjrvp - Orange 240


    Meet at the Grasshopper Inn Westerham 09:00 and leave 09:30 to allow for any car issues etc.

    Question: the Grasshopper has an empty car park but no coffee at that time of the day. The alternative is to meet at Westerham Costa Coffee but it will be on street parking - which do you prefer?

    The route:

    1. Head to Sundridge, up Ide Hill and towards Hever castle via Four Elms

    2. Photo stop at Hever Castle.

    3. Head on to Groombridge estate and grab a coffee / photos (I need to confirm we can go in without having to pay)

    4. Then press on to battle for drinks / lunch via Bateman's.



    I propose the Squirrel Inn (Sunday Carvery menu) as a potential:
    Or alternatively we can go to the Netherfield arms which gets a great web review also.
    Please let me know your preference and if you will have passengers so that I can make us a booking.

    From there, we have options depending on commitments / time etc. We can head to Hastings and to the castle or whatever we feel like. Maybe some of the SEKZ members may be tempted out to play?

    Please PM me your mobile numbers and any special dietary requirements.

    Very much looking forward to seeing you chaps!


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  11. status

    status Active Forum User

    Gotta blow out in afraid,Auntie went into new care home,I'm the only family she has so gotta do my duties so up to north Norfolk in the other Zed,pain in the Harris but have to do it,band stuff Saturday,birthday Barry Sunday then off to marekesh,getting a bit of a nuisance not having time to do Z things,one peeed off Zed owner
  12. smileyinside


    No probs big guy - family always comes first. Good luck with that weekend workload!

    There will be other meets.
  13. Mr.F


    Please stick with Grasshopper as that is what I've told SEKZ members. You can add me to your list (370Z). Possibly Dean Halsey (240Z), Tony Anastasiades (300ZX) and other SEKZ members.
  14. smileyinside


    Excellent news Mike! :D Grasshopper it is then!!
  15. smileyinside


    OK chaps,

    Tank of fuel, can of oil, bottle of water and some tools / spares in the car. The z is ready for action. See you at 09:00 at The Grasshopper(TN16 2EU).

    My mobile is 07710 fifty, fifty five, fifty (I don't like writing the number out in a public forum due to the automated junk mail merchants hence the have words half numbers). If for whatever reason you are late or unable to arrive, please let me know.

    Also please save in your phones for the journey in case of any mishaps/breakdowns etc.

    Very excited about tomorrow and looking forward to driving with you fine gentlemen.

    All the best,
  16. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    Just about to leave so I don't arrive late. Looks like a great day for a drive out.
  17. status

    status Active Forum User

    Just got other Zed out,off to Norfolk,Enjoy your Zed day chaps
  18. smileyinside


    Fellas and Michelle,

    Just a quick note of thanks for turning up and making it an awesome day!! Such a sincere pleasure to spend the day with you all and your great cars.


    I've learned a couple of things for the next time:

    1. itinerary with map of route and postcodes to key locations on the route printed for all to keep in car. Key meeting points en route.
    2. Get to the pub before 12:00 for lunch and start earlier to avoid the Sunday drivers.

    My apologies to Len and son for losing you guys before the lunch stop, I actually went the wrong way myself at Bunny Lane.

    Some Awards:
    1. Super charger of the day: Mr Feeney - really nice super charged 370z that barely stretched her legs following the older metal.

    2. Immaculate 240 of the day: Len. Possibly the most perfect 240z I've ever seen!!!

    3. Ratsun of the day: JohnyMD who incidentally got far more interest from passersby than the rest of us put together!!! Don't bother with the fancy paint work and wheels guys, a rat is the way forward; complete with bullet shaped wheel nuts!

    4. Hooligan "wheel spin in front of a pub audience" of the day: Toopy!!! At least he made the corner without mounting the curb as I did!!

    5. Stunning 300zx of the day: Charles we now have to call him Mr. Wolf!!!

    6. Orange Z of the day: Tim (shame you had to bail, we missed you at lunch etc. Hope BA were kind to you).

    7. Smoker of the day: me!!! MrF, I checked the dipstick again in my level garage and look what I used for 101 miles!!!!


    8. Food of the day: the Sunday carvery at the Squirrel Inn was the dog's danglies!


    9. Roads of the day: The route back from lunch to Groombridge tea rooms was awesome and stored for next time. Although the roads from Hever to Groombridge were pretty damn good too!


    I would like to organise a next event in a few weeks to head down to Goodwood so that we can soak up some Sussex roads and pick up members from the other end of the South.

    Wishing you all a superb rest of Bank Holiday!
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  19. jonbills

    Z Club Member

    Looks like a super day out. Maybe I'll try to join you for the next one and visit my mum while I'm there.
  20. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary

    Sounds like a good meet guys - I've been decorating for the last 3 weeks. :eek:

    Anyway great picture of John looking at the dinners with envy - on a diet John?

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