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Sunday 28th May: South Meet Anyone?

Discussion in 'Anything and everything' started by smileyinside, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. smileyinside


    Calling all "Southern Softies" (for a meet)

    I've been away from the Z club for far too long (just over a year I think) due to a crazy set of events I won't bore you with but I have missed you guys and would love to also meet some of the recently joined members and make new friends.

    I would like to propose a meet up on Sunday 28th May.

    The plan is to start early, stop at different locations along the route to pick up others (not in the least to add more 20w50 to my rare JDM piston ring free engine!), stop for lunch / photos/ oil, drive some country roads, have a pint, add oil and head back.

    What you need to tell me:

    1. If you are interested
    2. where you live (town) so I can plan a considerate-ish route.
    3. Any particular requirements you have like strictly no rain, Gluten free etc
    4. Any good driving roads / routes
    5. Any recommended pubs.

    Le route:

    Plan to end up in or near Hastings so as to allow for the SE members to also join us if they wish.

    Start on the Surrey / Kent border at the Grasshopper Inn on the A25

    Drive to Tunbridge Wells pick up others (add more oil)

    Drive through the high Wield

    Lunch at Battle, photos etc then head back or to the coast depending on mood/commitments.

    Another possible option depending on who commits from where or for next time:

    Start at Grasshopper, head to Goodwood circuit through Sussex countryside picking up others. Photos at Goodwood with lunch there or local pub and head back. There is a possibility of a parade lap (read slow and quiet) of the circuit but I'm awaiting details.


    (Ps. I did try to post this in the Meets forum but it tells me I don't have sufficient privileges)
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  2. Jake RAH

    Jake RAH
    Z Club Member

    Ali you're going the wrong way, You should be heading north to Donington and/or Silverstone ;) :devil:

    Hopefully catch up with you later in the year ;) :driving:
  3. Huw

    Z Club Member

    Welcome back Ali!

    As I cant travel North to Silverstone or Donington this year, yes I would be interested in joining your jaunt around the South.


  4. smileyinside


    Dude, I'm gutted beyond words! I was told I'm going to a wedding not Japfest. So I get to drive past you on the way oop Norh to the wedding.

    Awesome! Looking forward to it bud!

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  5. Russell

    Z Club Member

    being a southern softie I would love to and only live about 25 mins from goodwood.

    Z unfortunately out of action for the moment though with a big hole where the engine is meant to be!
  6. toopy

    Z Club Member

    It's a yes from me :D
  7. smileyinside


    Sunday 28th May South Meet Anyone?

    Excellent Russell. I get to Goodwood quite a few times a year so next time and hopefully when you've plugged your hole, we must meet up.

    Mr Toopy: great news!

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  8. Woody928

    Z Club Member


    I would most definitely be up for this if I was available, I'm based in Surrey and regularly go down to Goodwood for various events and am over in to Sussex/Kent frequently on drives with the MR2OC. I've had lunch numerous times in Battle.

    The car is also about to go in to have some work done which would count me out for May anyway even if I was available. Are you thinking of making this semi regular? as if so I'll make every effort to get to the next one.

    Great idea btw :thumbs:
  9. bsull

    Z Club Member

    I'd be in - coming from South London - happy to start at the Grasshopper and join the oil change tour.
  10. smileyinside


    Woody that's awesome and yes I would love to make this a more regular fixture as my life settles, so we're defo on for a Goodwood trip later in the summer. Will add you to the list sir.

    Bsull, that's great news! Looking forward to meeting you buddy! :thumbs:

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  11. Mr.F


    I'm sure members of SEKZ Group will be interested (including me...). I'll help publicise when date and details firm.
  12. smileyinside


    Thanks Mike. Would be super to see you and the SEKZ "massif"! :thumbs:

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  13. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Nice one I'll keep an eye out dude, I hope you get a good turn out for this one though :thumbs:.
  14. status

    status Active Forum User

    If me head gasket is done I might make an effort,was doing it this weekend but got too much other stuff to do,pain in the rse
  15. dav118118

    Z Club Member

    I'm up for a southern meet. The car should hopefully be up together for then, although I'm based in gosport next to Portsmouth so if your heading for goodwood I'm up for meeting there?
  16. smileyinside


    Good luck with that and hope to see you! Maybe it's an incentive for moving it forward!? ;)

    Fantastic news! I think this time round it will be the more eastern route given the responses so far and SEKZ group will likely join us. But definitely be up for the Goodwood one at a later date. In fact seeing the interest, I'm inspired to plan that one in more in advance. Just awaiting a response from the membership team there to see if we can get a cheeky go round the track without too much cost.

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  17. smileyinside


    Hey guys,

    Just a bump to the thread to check who is still on for it.

    I have bought 2 large cans of 20w50 (will be good for 70-100 miles) ;) and praying to the weather Gods!

    So far we have:

    Status (head gasket pending)

    Mr F. Would you kindly stoke your group and see if there are other interested parties pls?

    Question gang if it is p'ing wet like today, is it no deal for you? In which case shall we just meet up for a beer / pub lunch in ordinary cars? I worry my Z would behave like a Disprin and dissolve on the way there!
  18. smileyinside


    Was thinking of something like this for our route, any thoughts / suggestions?

  19. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Cant say ive ever driven that route before but, happy to go with the flow/majority

    re. the rain issue, i don't mind a little damp on the road/in the air! but if its like today or forecast to be like today, the Audi will get a nice run out :driving:
  20. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    Not sure how I missed this thread but I'm always up for a drive out on a Sunday. I'll try not to brake the blue car before then or maybe just bring the rat look silver car.

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