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Spa classic 18-20 may 2018

Discussion in 'Shows & meets (International)' started by Sylv1, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User


    Last year we were nice boys :p and event was back to what expected

    Entry forms are nearly to be published by organiser... so we have to organise shortly

    So... who come?

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  2. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    I would love to come again but only if the track sessions were unrestricted.
  3. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    John, have you looked into a Spa track-day with someone like Book-a-Track?

    I doubt if 'Club Laps' will be unrestricted - they were never supposed to be but we just pushed the limits and perhaps didn't help really.
  4. racer

    Z Club Member

    The track sessions were never restricted until our last trip. The changes were made at short notice to everyone annoyance on the weekend. We were made the scapegoats to cover up poor communication and organization from the track authority’s.

    As John says. Quite happy to go if the old format is resumed.
    I wouldn't pay 100 euro's a pop for basic parade laps.
  5. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    Matt, I'm sure I remember reading the 'rules' for the first one I did, which were similar to Le Mans i.e. you were supposed to follow a pace car and have a briefing etc however they never enforced anything and so it was good fun. Sylvain may be able to enlighten us on the 'official' stance on the early ones.

    On a 'proper' track-day as you know there is compulsory comprehensive briefing explaining the track etiquette, crash helmets are compulsory, limits on sound, number of cars on track etc. there is no way we should have been allowed to go out on a GP circuit without this. Many drivers were just out to drive around a famous circuit, whilst others were 'racing' - it couldn't continue surely? Is it right that someone in an old MGA can be touring around a track 'wind in hair' whilst guys are driving around in race cars, on trackday tyres at HSCC/CSCC 'front-runner speeds?

    I agree 100 euro is far too much for a parade session.
  6. racer

    Z Club Member

    Rob I think you’re missing then point. If there were any rules in place from the start they were not communicated to the people on the track. They created the Laid back attitude not us.

    I remember the first year asking an official about the briefing we hadn't had, and his exact words were "Arrh yes, please come off the track using this exit Have Fun"

    Whatever rules we have on a track day in our country are irrelevant .
    Different country, different rules.
  7. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    Matt, I fully understand your point and the change in attitude but it was inevitable.

    You and John would have been lapping at race speed - I know because (with respect) I looked at some of the slower races. So if you reverse the situation should a slow 'Parade' car e.g. MGA be allowed on track during a race and without helmet etc etc.

    Fortunately the restrictions have come before a serious injury. I know we are all getting 'soft' but do we need to return to the days where preventable injury is tolerated?

    Proper trackdays are the way forward (those will tighten I'm sure e.g. insurance) and the Spa Classic should be enjoyed as a Classic racing spectacle, Club 'meet' and social.
  8. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Reading this, we appear to have 2 vastly differing opinions so maybe we should look at the facts rather than feeling's and then an opinion from someone who attended every single Spa Classic from the start and took part in over 20 track sessions there.

    In all those years I have only seen 2 cars damaged by leaving the track and never an accident from 2 cars hitting each other. I have never been involved in a near miss and never once felt unsafe. There is a big mixture of cars and driver abilities on track but they all exist happily together on the same track. There are very few people racing and the pace cars set a high pace to allow for the faster cars. We all understand you are not going to set fast lap time here as you will have to slow and allow for people that are on "parade" laps. The problems only started in 2016 when they enforced a very slow speed limit without telling anyone. I wasn't out on these early sessions but it caused an uproar with lots of very unhappy participants and led to them modifying subsequent sessions to allow for those wanting to go faster and then causing confusion.
  9. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    John, just to clarify I wasn't criticizing your driving and yes you have done far more sessions at Spa than me. All I was saying is that it was inevitable and I can't see them reverting to the 'fast days'.

    I too would have been really annoyed if they sprang it on me after I had paid my money expecting a fast session.

    I have had a near miss with a modern Aston.

    The Friday would be the time to allow fast sessions but with a briefing, helmets etc.
  10. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Track day briefing's are no major factor in avoiding accidents on tracks. Basically they tell you what the flags mean and remind you to only overtake on the straights, on the left and to let faster cars pass. You get loads of novices on proper track days (we all start somewhere) so you still get people not looking at what's behind them and generally driving poorly so I don't see making it like a track day helping.

    Anyway, it's all just opinions so I'm not going to get in an argument over it.
  11. Sylv1

    Sylv1 Forum User

    Just to clarify

    Now helmet has became mandatory and track sessions were good.

    Of course, race director supervises and peace cars can act in case.

    But it is back & fine... our responsability not to cross the limits as overtaking the peace car, being aggressive etc...

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