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Samuri Gathering V 2017

Discussion in 'Shows & meets (UK)' started by JK240, Oct 28, 2016.

  1. toopy

    Z Club Member

    Great to see that many Z's together and a nice variation of modification's and colours :thumbs:

    Excellent pics by the way
  2. jonbills

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Obvious, now you've told me :D
  3. Bobafett

    Bobafett Forum User

  4. Jon_Flynn

    Z Club Member

    That's horrifying that someone just waltzed off with it - but why would the owner leave it unattended? From 10:50am to 6:50pm is a long time.

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  5. JK240

    Z Club Member

    I think, the car had been left in a public car park and not on the infield with any of the car clubs.

    If this was a chap just attending for the day and parking with the general public then it would be quite normal for him to park up and then go and spend a day wandering round the site, watching racing etc for most of the day, last race didn't finish till about half six I think.

    Still a real nightmare coming back and finding your car missing, classic or otherwise.
  6. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    I have heard of this happening before at Donington (or may have been Silverstone) with expensive Ducati bikes loaded in a Transit van and stolen but not with cars.

    Bare faced cheek, hard to believe no-one saw anything and wonder where the marshals were ?
    Thieving scumbags obviously knew what they were looking for as that E Type is worth £ 100k+
  7. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    If you saw someone loading the car onto a breakdown truck would you ask them what they were doing and if they owned it? Taken pictures etc etc. Worth thinking about.

    We had a 240Z stolen from Billing Aquadrome one year, next to a tent!

    I think if I park outside a circuit in future I'll at least put my wheel-clamp on the Z.
  8. Jake RAH

    Jake RAH
    Z Club Member

    Love the photos Woody, nice one :thumbs:
    Maybe next year we need to take our convoy around the town and add an extra dozen Z's to the train :driving:
    Looking forward to next year already ;)
  9. Woody928

    Z Club Member

    Glad people are enjoying the pics, makes all the effort worth it :D I'll try and get some more next time.

    It would be great if some of you could share your own photos of your adventures with your Z and submit them for the calendar entries this year. Scary to think we're already several months through the year and there's lots of months still to fill! Lets get out there driving :driving:

    Shocking to hear about that E-type! That could easily have been me or my dad leaving our classic in the public car park for the day like we've done so many times before... :eek:
  10. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    Finally managed to download the photos off mine & the Wife's phones. Better late than never!!


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  11. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    And some more!

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  12. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    And more!!

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  13. Jon_Flynn

    Z Club Member

    Love the look of the navy blue one

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