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Portasol Pro II gas soldering iron

Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by funkyboogalooo, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. funkyboogalooo

    funkyboogalooo New Forum User

    After gaining official club approval I would like to inform you of a group buy I am in the process of organising on 300ZX-club.com.

    I have sold 3 of them allready and would like to put the order in soon. The indepth details of the item/s are below.
    Any question please PM me or post here but just need to say I am not making any money out of this so cant offer any further discounts at all im afraid. Im just putting this together for the benefit of club members and passing on my trade discount.

    Text from the post on 300zx-club.com is copied here

    A couple of the guys asked me if I could get together a group buy for Portasol gas soldering irons. So I have. Ive just got off the phone with Portasol UK and got some prices. I must say they are not that much cheaper than those on ebay but they are legit, straight from Portasol and have full warranty and back up. I need to get together an order for at least 7 to get the price down so let me know if your interested.
    I will also be able to get all spares, tips etc from the company. If after you follow the link you see a model of iron you would rather just let me know and I can change the order to suit.
    Your 2 options on the Pro II which is the most popular iron for automotive and general use is either the Kit or just the iron. For me the extra money would have to make the kit be the one to buy.


    Portasol Pro II Soldering Iron Kit

    RRP £53.30 inc vat Group buy price £41.18

    Portasol Pro II Iron only

    RRP £34.96 inc vat Group buy price £27.50

    Spare tips £5.15 inc vat

    Postage on either item would be £2.00

    So, put simply the iron alone is £29.50 inc postage a couple of quid cheaper than ebay with full back up.
    The only think I must say is you pay by paypal I need to charge the fee or i'll be out of pocket.

    Hope thats of some help, if so start a list.

    The Portasol Pro II is designed for low to medium volume soldering with a power range from 15 to 90 Watts (equivalent) and a range of tip sizes.
    Gas capacity is not an issue with the Pro II as time between refills (at mid setting) is around 2.5 hours!
    As with the popular SuperPro, Piezo ignition ensures that switch on and ignition are accomplished in two smooth ergonomic movements.
    Hot air applications are becoming more prevalent, with heat shrinkable tubing Manufacturers now combining solder and polymer to give excellent mechanical strength and connectivity to joints.

    Small diameter PVA and hot melt glue sticks can also be used in conjunction with the hot air tip to solve a wide number of adhesion and sealing problems.
    The Pro II kit contains both hot air tip and deflector, two soldering tips, knife tip, sponge and tray.

    Length (mm) 233
    Weight (g) 160
    Operating time (typical, mins) 150
    Tip temperature (deg. C, max) 580
    Refill time (typical, secs) 30
    Gas type Gas lighter fuel
    Tip selection 10
    Fitted ignitor Piezo
    Temperature adjustable yes


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