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Orange LHD 240z Project

Discussion in 'Rebuilds and restorations' started by Mr Tenno, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    Staff Member

    So after some switching around, the new project was trailered over today:

    It's a '72 with an l28 and 5-Speed conversion (not sure which). It's a bit rough in places but I'm looking forward to getting started!

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  2. jonbills

    Z Club Member

    Love the horn pad retainers
    Looks lovely. Apart from the horn pad, what's rough?
  3. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    Staff Member

    Some rot on the outer wings and rear slam panel with some minor impact damage to the passenger door, bonnet & headlight cowls.
  4. Dave_Brown

    Dave_Brown New Forum User

    Looks nice, is that the original orange?

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  5. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    Staff Member

    It's had a blow-over at some point but it's pretty close to the 918 that's underneath.
  6. supermik

    supermik Forum User

    Looks fine to me.

    I expect the nit-pickers to be along shortly to tell you that its ony fit for the knackers yard.:lol:
  7. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    I've paid MY club-subs to be a nit-picker.;)

    It all depends how much you paid : price/condition.....and then add ability to bring her up to your desired state.
  8. datsfun

    Z Club Member

    Congrats. Enjoy the car.:thumbs:


    Well not really sure if that was the real reason you paid your subs!!

    And there is the rub
  10. Sam_C

    Z Club Member

    Looks to have one of those "gold dust" radios with the proper sloping faceplate and the built-in antenna switch...kerching!!!££££££
  11. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    There were those a while back who said that if I wasn't a paid-up member I should shut-up.......although they (mostly) appear to have lapsed.:lol:

    I do feel very strongly that when someone benefits from this site that they ought to support its existence and continued help by paying up the seriously cheap m-ship fee of just £15 a year.

    And for a last groan, it should be obligatory for newbies to present themselves whetehr with or without cars before their first self-interested post-up.

    Sorry for the hikack.

    Nice project car - hopefully to be left LHD to retain some quirky orginality.:cool:
  12. vipergts

    Z Club Member

    Nice car.....good luck with the project
  13. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    Looks good Matt. Like the colour. No cracks in the dash!!!!

    Whats it like under the carpets and underneath?
  14. Mr Tenno

    Mr Tenno
    Staff Member

    Underneath looks solid, I'm guessing the dash is a replacement but it seems in good nick (apart from the glovebox inner being missing). No plans to convert it to RHD at the moment.

    I don't think the radio works at the moment but after seeing what smileyinside did to his I'm quite tempted to follow in his footsteps.
  15. R32singh

    R32singh New Forum User

    lovely car! really liking the colour! congrats with the new purchase! hope all goes well :)
  16. Red7

    Red7 New Forum User

    Looks a good car, love 918 :) looking forward to seeing your progress! :thumbs:
  17. Red7

    Red7 New Forum User

    Mines got one of those, are they rare? :confused: I can get Radio 2 on it :) lol
  18. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    Orange (918 red) is such a great colour but I'm yet to see 2 zeds in this colour that look the same. My 260 is 918 red and looks nothing like all the others I've seen that have been repainted. I know my 260 has been painted but the door shuts and engine bay haven't and they match the outside perfectly.

    Anyway, great looking car.

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  19. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    I'll have to pop over for a look Matt.
  20. Red7

    Red7 New Forum User

    Were there two '918' codes John? A USA Orange and Other Market Red? When I was getting mine I told a friend it was 918 Orange and he asked if I was sure? My engine bay is the original colour and is a slightly different colour to the topcoat as its had a repaint a few years ago :thumbs:


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