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"Nice" head.

Discussion in 'S30 (240Z,260Z,280Z) Engine' started by pmac, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Its been a nice day so I thought I would post up some nice pics of a nice cylinder head.
    So lets play nicely .........
    I cant claim responsibility for the original port work but someone has spent many many hours on this. Its all very high quality.
    Recently it has had some additional improvement/remedial work. New inlet valves, new seats and new valve guides. This too is to a very high standard. Look how the seat has been blended in to the inlet tract..
    Although the valve seats had all been cut I did spend some time checking that they were all seated properly. Black magic marker makes a reasonable substitute for engineers blue on a Sunday
    It arrived at mine with a mild "fast road" cam. Whatever that means?? To get the best from the set up I have added some new Schneider springs with matching schneider spring caps that have the deeper recess to hold a thicker than stock lash pad which is going to be fitted.I have already done a dummy build to see what size was needed
    Today has been spent on final cleaning of everything and some reassembly.. There is still a lot to do tho.
    It is a bit tedious and repetitive but at the same time quite rewarding. :thumbs:
    Its not for sale btw.
    Just enjoy the pics.
    Sycophantic comments are welcome...:bow:
    Like.... "Wow! you have been busy"
    "Oh I like that"

    But play nicely as we dont want this to turn in to a rowdy dispute do we?:D

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  2. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Speak for yourself, I haven' been banned for ages - maybe Mr Gasket is on holiday and the other mods just don't on anymore.:unsure:

    Anyway, ooh, ah and....everything is for sale - it's merely the price that needs negociating :D
  3. red baron

    red baron Forum User

    peter macs porn first class
  4. franky

    franky Active Forum User

    what cc are the chambers? what size valves?
  5. Paul_S

    Z Club Member

    Nice work :)

    BTW, this post made me smile!
  6. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Don't be picky - you'll scare him off PeterMackers are timid, gentle, delicate creatures that are only often seen after dark, in paddocks with clipboards or here when the mods are asleep - shush !:thumbs:
  7. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    I always thought the porting looked very good and in its old form it performed very respectably. I have no dought that this will become a great engine.
  8. franky

    franky Active Forum User

    I'm genuinely interested as I've got some 'head scratching' to do myself soon.
  9. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Ooooooh thats technical. No technical please
    Lets keep this thread on its "nice" theme :cool:
  10. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Thanks Paul.
    Im glad its made you smile......cos we are just one big happy family really.

    Here are a few more smiles...................:):):):)

    Have a nice day.:lol:
  11. jonbills

    Z Club Member

    That's great Pete, really well done. You rock. Schneider springs & caps rule.
  12. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    I wheely like the silver paint you used on the head - reellly ...nice, actually !
  13. franky

    franky Active Forum User

    so its a sale thread?:D
  14. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Nope. Head not for sale
    Engine its going on not for sale.
    Items for sale in classifieds/ebay
  15. richiep

    Z Club Member

    I've seen this head. It's bloody nice. The engine it is going on will be bloody nice too. Lots of win at Pete's these days!
  16. franky

    franky Active Forum User

    So its a sold thread then.
  17. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Sold me the idea but I'm confused, a sail-thread, Win P's head.....but then, I'm a lonesome country hermit, zedless....desperately in need of a coffee this morning.
  18. ffastffreddie

    ffastffreddie New Forum User

    Could someone explain why Schneider springs rule?
    I've always considered them oversize and over stiff and the matching caps just hold it all together.
    Genuine question, not trying to stir things up, maybe I've missed something?
  19. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Its a head thread.
  20. pmac

    pmac Active Forum User

    Well I didnt say they rule that was Jon.
    We like it when people stir things up cos its more interesting than the usual restoration stuff on here.
    Ill be back later to explain my rational behind using them .........

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