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L28E Head Gasket Set 1983-1981

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items for Sale' started by Ped, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. Ped

    Z Club Member

    Head Gasket set for later 280zx + Sump Gasket

    I bought the 'Fel-Pro' head gasket set for my 1979-80 280zx only to discover later that the head gasket itself does not fit my N42 head. The N42 head has additional cooling channels which are not cut out of this gasket.

    The mechanic who was doing the work for me bought a second 'Federal Mogul' set which did have the right head gasket.

    He then rebuilt the top end using a combination of gaskets and parts from both sets.

    So, what you are buying is a half Fel-Pro HS 8799 PT and half Federal Mogul HG84029 gasket set. I don't know which parts are which, but the Fel-Pro head gasket only fits the the later 2.8 head ie: 2.8L L6 SOHC L28E 1983-1981.

    All gaskets and seals are new, in addition there is a sump gasket included from the Federal Mogul set.

    NB: One of the gaskets has dirty marks on it, see light brown gasket nearest the exhaust manifold gasket.

    What you are buying is as pictured below.

    Collect in person from Reading, or will post.

    PRICE £75.00 Inc. UK P&P




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