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Japfest 2016 provisional attendance list

Discussion in 'Shows & meets (UK)' started by STEVE BURNS, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Jake RAH

    Jake RAH
    Z Club Member

    It was another enjoyable day catching up with you zedders & your cars, meeting a few of the guys for the first time and having a laugh with you all. I've gotta admit although a good day out 80%+ of the cars at Japfest do nothing what so ever for me. Next weekend at Donington will be more my cup of tea ;)
  2. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member Committee Member

    If you mean the modern Japanese cars then I'm with you, I too love the Classic racing and Club vehicles.

    I just think it's age related - my Dad loves Vintage cars i.e. cars of his era. My grown-up kids love modern Civic Type Rs, DC5s etc
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  3. Luddy

    Luddy Forum User

    Thanks Rob, really good to put a name to a face :cheers:
  4. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    rob - each of the gauges has various alarm settings that flash led's or the backlight to indicate problems. The top left one was flashing to indicate low fuel level. I have been struggling to get the gauge to work at all but managed to partially fix it on Saturday evening. It works fine when you turn the ignition on but reads low or zero with the engine running!!! The middle top gauge is the one I keep and eye on as its oil pressure. Because of the pretty high cornering G's I can get pickup issues and low pressure through long corners, especially at Spa, so have to make sure the oil is right at the top dipstick mark before I go out on track. I reviewed all the video and checked the ecu log files and had no problems on Sunday. The ecu is set to cut fuel if the pressure drops to low.
  5. status

    status Active Forum User

    I still got an ear bashing Richiep,she is like a bloody elephant,doesn't forget,in the good books now as took her all the way to Stourbridge to get a mini,148 miles,pick it up Friday,
  6. AliK

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Wasn't the tunnel designed for that purpose!?

    I have to admit I too gave into temptation - but as many of you know, I didn't just leave sound behind, I think I created an oily, lingering mist to go with it!

    Let's be frank we are all just four year olds in growed up bodies ;)
  7. Huw

    Z Club Member
    Staff Member

    Yep :D

    Great day, and great to meet up with so many club members. Some characters even larger in life than on the forum, in a good way! The Zs looked fantastic all lined up, some truly amazing cars. The photos on the forum just don't do um justice. Watching Johny on the track was a treat, as missed him at Combe last year.

  8. Mambofever

    Z Club Member

    That was a bit naughty of my dad at the end. He must of thought you would hold us up on the next straight... ;)

    Great event and a good turn out. Looking forward to Donnington this weekend.
  9. status

    status Active Forum User

    I've never been called a child before,She's called me other things but not a child,didn't even make me fill younger,I'm still hurt,trying to get things done so I can go to donnington as June is off to Vietnam/Cambodia on Saturday,not looking good as lots to do round the house
  10. AliK

    Z Club Committee
    Committee Member

    Here's a burst of two awesome Zs, meeting on the track it's a GIF so won't work on Tapatalk.

  11. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Your dad only slowed me a little and we weren't racing so no harm done. Make me chuckle a bit as he pulled across but I was ready for it. I was impressed by how well it pulled out of the next bend.
  12. 280REZ

    280REZ 280ZX 2 + 2 Targa ,Auto 1981

    Hi Guys

    Nice to see such a good turnout - Wanted to meet some more of you Guys but me & mrs had to return to the car (20min walk) to get some more layers as it suddenly got a lot colder (Sorry I'm from London) :)

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