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Help needed! I need panels for restoring 30 year family owned 240z body!

Discussion in 'Parts and Other Items Wanted' started by James240z, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. James240z

    Z Club Member

    Hi everyone,

    This car has been in my wife's family for around 30 years. Sadly the car has extensively corroded, a lot of new panels have been added from the ZStore in the US, however we still need a lot of metal.

    Lots of new metal work has been fabricated for this car, and this is pushing the costs up, to finish this car I need some more panels.

    If anyone can help with either very good quality second hand, or in a perfect world point me to where I can source new metal please let me know as soon as you can to help save this particular 240.

    I am looking for:

    Front of car
    Front panel
    Air ducts that run up the wings, I got some second hand wings, but these had gone from these.
    Rear of car:
    Lighting panel.
    Rear boot floor.
    Rear side pans.

    Middle of car - doors

    If anyone can help please do let me know, as this the work done so far is to a very high standard and if I can find enough decent parts then I can get this car finished, and there will be one more Z on the road for someone to cherish.

    Many thanks for your time in reading this,

  2. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Hi James, I am presuming this car is a RHD model.

    Front of car:

    Front panel, do you mean the bulkhead or the radiator panel? Bulkheads are available to convert LH drive cars to RHD so I guess that would do. If it's the radiator support panel, I don't honestly know. Don't think these are available new from my (limited) knowledge.
    I thought the air ducts were part of the INNER wings not the bolt on wings?

    Rear of car:

    Same with the lighting panel. It shouldn't be a huge chore for someone relatively skilled in fabrication to make a panel for there though - how much is corroded?
    Rear boot floor, you're going to be patching this I feel
    Rear 3/4s are available I think as repros, not sure
    Tailgate - second hand ones are advertised on here ... or someone might bring one in fro the US occasionally.

    Someone better qualified than me will come on soon who knows more about the availability of metal for these cars.

    Doors do come up now and again - better to ship two from the US most likely as they are damn expensive to buy here - and why would there be any rust-free doors about still if you think about it - they've al been snapped up. You might have to make do with slightly rusty ones and then repair those.

    Would like to see some pics of the car if you have any,
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  3. SacCyclone

    Z Club Member

    I agree with Mike, pics of the parts you are in need of and may be worth your time and money to source a rolling rust free shell from the states. Take off what you need and sell off the rest to recoup some of your costs. Just a thought.
  4. JimMale

    Z Club Member

    Jim Male

    Hi James
    I have a spare N/S threequarter repair panel available and an O/S outer sill that came from the Z Farm if you can use them.
  5. James240z

    Z Club Member

    Hi Jim,

    I have got the sill from the states and inner and outer rear wings. Can you give me more information on the panel you have, anything of use is worth considering at this point. Thanks everyone else, it was a long shot on the panels, it looks like I will have to get all the missing stuff fabricated, I will post pictures when i get the chance.

    Thanks agin

  6. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    Reminds me of a car I looked at a few years ago that was over near Ipswich. It was pretty close to being beyond economical repair. Went to the daughters husband in the end.

    The parts you require would usually be cut from a spare shell. Dinner cars are few and far between now but you could consider a LHD shell to cut apart. You could probably find one for around 5k.

    Good luck with the rebuild. I do have a couple of solid doors I could part with so send me an email.
  7. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary Staff Member

    Hi John, was the Ipswich car that black one?

    James did you contact me about 18 months ago about this car?
  8. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    I think it sounds like that one Rob.

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