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Fairlady Roadster 1600 For Sale

Discussion in 'VEGA Classic Cars Ltd' started by chrisvega, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. chrisvega

    chrisvega Z Club Member


    1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster
    1600cc R16 engine

    Rare and desirable 1967.5 low windscreen model in production for a short period only which retained the removable windscreen and was fitted with the upgraded spec. for that year including dual circuit brakes, collapsable steering column and flared arches as well as minor detail changes to the interior.

    Inland California car that has just been imported, very original straight and solid bodywork
    Re-painted in white many years ago to a workmanlike rather than show standard, but presentable

    Receipts for full engine rebuild on the original matching number unit less than 30k miles ago, car starts runs, drives and stops well although it has been unused over recent years so may need a degree of minor refreshment before first MOT

    Interior will need seats re-trimming and a new carpet set fitted

    Hood is brand new and hardtop is supplied

    There are many spares that are still in the boot at the moment, not had chance to sort through yet but will come with the car

    All import duties/taxes paid and HMRC Nova document will be supplied

    An easy mild project for the discerning Datsun enthusiast who wants something a bit different. Can be kept original or for those wanting more performance and a modern twist the SR20DET swap is well established with this model, take look at these videos for inspiration



    £ 8,950.00
    View in Cheshire
  2. franky

    franky Z Club Member

    I think that’s cheap for the car. Wish I had the cash.

    And a sr20de would be even more suitable.
  3. richiep

    richiep Z Club Member

    Had a look at this when over at the barns briefly yesterday. :thumbs:

    Very presentable I thought. Another easy project Chris has found.

    BTW Chris - I guess nothing came of that viewing of the blue car I did a few weeks back, given its still there?
  4. Mr.G

    Mr.G Z Club Member

    That is beautiful Chris.
  5. chrisvega

    chrisvega Z Club Member

    Hard to find price comparables as so few roadsters around here in UK, priced sensibly to cover costs with a little sweetener added on to cover risks and time/effort.

    Nice old thing eh Rich ?

    Nothing came of the viewing you did on the blue 240Z, guy said he was very interested but needed to sort out storage space first........or sell his other classic first, cart before the horse springs to mind. That is another very sound buy for someone and will not be here long once the weather picks up. I refuse to take the cars out for a test drive whilst roads are salted so precludes that until March at least, doesn’t help sales but at least an unsuspecting next owner won’t get a nasty shock down the line.
  6. toopy

    toopy Z Club Member

    The bodywork on that looks lovely, and then you open the bonnet, cant understand why the previous owner wouldnt give as much attention to the cleanliness of the engine bay as the rest of the car!

    and if i had some more dry storage available id bite your arm off :D
  7. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Z Club Member

    Lovely....1600s are betetr than 2000s in my view - if I want more power, I'll have a Z !

    Bit strong on the choke though - 2000revs ?
  8. chrisvega

    chrisvega Z Club Member

    Engine bay was barely shown the paint gun when re-painted in white and engine not taken out, often the way with US blow overs. Original colour is darker hence difference in that area.

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