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Edd China quits Wheeler Dealers

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by RIDDLER, Mar 26, 2017.


    RIDDLER New Forum User

    For those who don't know, or who may have missed this when it was part of a different thread, Edd China is quitting Wheeler Dealers. And here is why, in his own words:

    RIDDLER New Forum User

    Personally I always liked Edd and he seemed like a very clever man with a spanner. Brewer's bouncy, over-excited schoolboy routine I find very irritating. Not seen a lot of Mr Anstead so don't know how well he will fit in Edd's (no doubt very large) shoes. Any thoughts?
  3. Luddy

    Luddy Forum User

    Agreed, given the number of viewers I may be in the minority but for me it all about getting your hands dirty, limiting detail in the workshop will be a real shame.

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  4. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    If someone said okay, here's our idea for a programme: we'll take a variety of cars and every week we'll do a few jobs on them. No workshop politics, no buying the car and having to sell it again etc.

    1) clutch job on a Morris Minor
    2) fitting a windscreen on a Ford Capri
    3) Rear brake overhaul on a Reliant Scimitar


    I'd watch every week. But saying that, you can probably watch these on YouTube!

    When I was refitting the accelerator pedal on my Ford, there was a Z-type spring which went on the back of the pedal which held it upright and didn't allow it to go floppy. Could I work out how it went? Was there a YT video of how it fitted. Yes there was, incredibly,
  5. andrew muir

    andrew muir Active Forum User

    To me the show was all about the workshop fixes!
    Not interested in watching the show without them.
    It was all about the nitty gritty detail in the fixes, a show where you might actually picked up a few tips and knowledge. (Ohh we can't have that!) :(
  6. Sam_C

    Sam_C Forum User

    Probably the second most watchable of these restoration shows after the one with DI Gene Hunt and Ant Antstead. I do like Edd though and agree that the workshop bits were the real essence of the show. Although it was supposed to be about buying cars cheapish, and "making a nice tidy profit from my lovely little xxxxxxxx (insert car name here)" it hardly ever worked. Make a grand but not take into account Edd's weeks of time in the workshop? Nah...
  7. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    As was said though, it was supposed to be YOU playing Edd's part, so in essence, the labour was FREE (ie your time) ... which is why it was never factored in.

    He was just showing you HOW to do it.

    "We'll have to take the engine out of the 911"

    Four bolts later and a few pipes being cut and exhaust taken off ...

    "So we've lowered the engine out of the car ... "

    Sad though it is I'd actually enjoy watching a 3hr prog where they actually took the engine out and did nothing else and involved all the scraped knuckles, cursing and wtf moments it would entail.
  8. Sam_C

    Sam_C Forum User

    I agree entirely, I'd love such a show. I usually watch all F1 practise, qualifying and the race, even though I know it's boring as hell most of the time, that's beyond sad.

    I get the point about it being the viewer doing the spanner work but how many of us would drop the engine from a Lamborghini Uracco to change the clutch? All the program proves for me is that you have the skills of a professional car buyer, top engineer and used car salesman you can make a grand now and again. Oh and a fully equipped workshop and good contacts. And the time to run around sourcing the perfect subject car, get the work (successfully) done in a timely manner, and get lucky with your timing when selling...it might work.

    However, I am speaking as somebody who has never made a profit on selling a car! Although I did once sell a Lambretta at a profit, but only because my dad did all the work.
  9. Farmer42

    Z Club Member

    Totally agree. Isn't it always a coincidence that they get some old car in the workshop and a nut never siezes or a stud/bolt snaps off so that they have to drill it out or even, as in my case, you do a job, put it all back together and something is wrong so you have to take it all apart again to find out and put right the cause.

    And again, how many 'home mechanics' have a workshop and all the gear that Edd has? "This can be done at home" he says, with a ramp, engine hoist, transmission jack etc.

    It all seemed too simple. If only!! :(

    Do enjoy watching the show though as long as it doesn't have too much of Mike Brewer which the American series seems to be leaning towards.
  10. Northerner

    Northerner Forum User

    Gutted saw his speech on YouTube! Can't believe Mike didn't leave also and then produce WD themselves!
  11. TimW

    TimW 1978 UK RHD 260z

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ed China last week at the Restoration Show. What a very nice chap. Also met Mike at another stand, who was defending the move and saying he's not sold out. He seemed quite and genuinely upset at the stick he's had online in the UK.

    Ed seems to be enjoying his bout of freedom. I asked where he was heading, was there any talk of him doing his own show etc. He played it close to his chest as you'd expect. He commented on the great support from his fan base and seemed to be of a mind of more mechanics on the shows and less frilly bits as he intimated in his video. Anyways, I was just taken with how nice and genuine the guy is.

    I also met Fuzz. haha..same in real life, nice guy. Def worth a visit to the show, if only to meet these guys.

    I love the T shirt,. Where's Ed?.. Nice one.

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