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Ceramic exhaust coatings

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by johnymd, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Here's a bit of background that has led me to look at alternatives to glass wrap.

    On my blue car with 1jz engine, I've moved to a single turbo setup and my main concern is heat from the exhaust manifold having an adverse effect on close parts in the engine bay. A few weeks ago, just after fitting the turbo and on the cars first proper run out, I stopped at a petrol station and noticed a lot of heat coming from the bonnet vent. The engine had only been running for 20mins and at a steady 70mph with no boost. When I looked in the engine bay the manifold and turbo were both red hot. I understand this will happen under full boost but not at cruising speeds. Anyway, the reason for this was incorrect timing but I'm still concerned with heat issues.

    I've now removed the manifold to weld a different wastegate flange and found a lot of the wrap had gone hard and just fell to pieces. This could just be a quality issue with the wrap but I decided to look at the alternative which is ceramic coating. I would of probably gone with zircotec but I needed something with a quick turnaround so found someone local that use an American product called Cerakote. I dropped the manifold to them on Tueday and the applied a thermal barrier both inside and out then a top coat of satin black. I picked the manifold up yesterday and fitted it. I haven't run the car yet but I'll report back on the results from the rolling road next Wednesday.
  2. status

    status Active Forum User

    Had the inside ceramics coated on mine
  3. Russell

    Z Club Member

    Zircotec looks really expensive. Was this place cheaper?

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  4. johnymd

    Z Club Member

    Pretty cheap.....they actually did it all FOC as I agreed to test and provide feedback/video footage of it at full chat on the dyno.

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