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Block and head options?

Discussion in 'S30 (240Z,260Z,280Z) Engine' started by johnymd, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    I'm guessing there's a few of us out there that aren't too fussed about matching numbers car so what's the option on l-series engines. I guess I'm just looking for best bang for my buck. Don't want a race engine or a silly hybrid and I've a few engines laying around that I'd like to make use of. The engine in the silver car could probably do with a freshen up but if I'm going to that trouble then why not make use of the 2.8's and 2.6 that I have sitting under the bench. The current favourite from my selection that will need the minimum amount of work is to use a late 280zx bottom end (intrusion crown pistons) with the n42 head from an old 260. I'm thinking this will give the best compression ratio without any machining work. Does this sound feasible? or are the valves going to hit the raised pistons. I could use an E88 I have but wouldn't the compression be lower plus ideally I would need to put bigger valves and steel seats in?

    Any advice?
  2. Mr Ex Jnr

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  3. johnymd

    johnymd Active Forum User

    Good read.
  4. jonbills

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    I think the n42 and e88 have similar chamber volume, so compression would be the same. N42 nas the bigger valves and steel seats.
    I don't think you'll have anything to worry about with valve/piston clearance with a standard cam with either of the options.
    If you're going to the trouble of rebuilding the engine then you'll probably get the head skimmed, and then you might as well have them take off as much as you need to get the compression where you want.

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