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260z 2+2

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by spitdigger, Dec 4, 2016.

  1. spitdigger

    Z Club Member

    1977 Datsun 260Z 2+2 for sale.
    Being sold as an almost complete project, however the worst of the work is done. It’s ready for the engine and gearbox of your choice. I’ve lost my second storage building thanks to a new sewage treatment plant and therefore one of the 2 Zeds would have to spend the winter under a cover. Also I’m itching to get on with the 280z, so this is now for sale.
    The shell is now rust free, truly taken back to bare metal, inside outside and underneath. All rust removed and new metal let in, repair sections used etc – no fibreglass and filler repairs.
    Good USA bonnet used –had knock but virtually no corrosion. Roof skin replaced due to sunroof hole.
    Etch primed, 2k high build primer and Upol Gravitex stone chip followed by body colour on under side. Inside of wings, doors & tailgate also stone chipped for protection & sound deadening.
    Painted BMW ‘Sparkling Graphite’ (A22) Bumper and stainless window frames etc satin black.
    Struts, wishbones, suspension brackets etc blasted and finished by powdercoating or enamel paint.
    New uprated and lower springs, Koni strut inserts. Full poly bush kit fitted.
    New wheel bearings, track rod ends, balljoints.
    Fuel tank stripped and etch primed etc. New fixing straps.
    New brake cylinders, shoes, pads, flex and hard lines, refurbed calipers & new discs.
    Heater refurbed with new seals and hoses. Refurbed dash with LED instrument lights and working clock.
    All new weather seals
    New door locks, fuel flap and ignition barrel – single key (+spare)
    Silentcoat sound mat, underlay and new carpet.
    Choice of Recaro or original seats (original passenger has ripped base)
    On American 15x7 wheels, make unknown. Tyres are Walmart specials. Some photos show it on Rota Grids however these are not included as they are now on the 2 seater.
    The only significant purchase to finish,other than possibly an engine and gearbox which is dependant on the choice of the final purchaser, is a windscreen (new rubber included)
    260 engine and 5 speed box and possibly 2.8 block may be available in the new year by separate negotiation.
    Loads of photos on Flickr - probably too many https://www.flickr.com/photos/67251416@N08/albums/72157645367276545
    V5 in my name SORN’d at present.
    £6000 - funds cleared before removal etc.
    Jeff on 07973 823839 – landline by PM
  2. spitdigger

    Z Club Member

  3. beachbum

    beachbum New Forum User

  4. spitdigger

    Z Club Member

    Being 'flipped' - gone from my ownership
  5. Spin Doctor

    Spin Doctor New Forum User

    so who owns it now then.
  6. Peato40

    Z Club Member

    I'm the new owner of this one.
  7. spitdigger

    Z Club Member

    It'll be good to see it finished - good luck
  8. Peato40

    Z Club Member

    I'll post some photos once it starts coming together. At the moment I'm preparing for a fresh coat of paint and also trying to collect all the needed parts for finishing. I think you did all the hard work and now it's time for me to make it pretty and roadworthy.

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