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1978 Datsun 280Z

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by chrisvega, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    I reckon the 2200TC was the best overall.
  2. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    You can't beat the sound of that V8 ' burble '
    Has to be a V8 every time :driving:
  3. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    WHAT are you doin' importin' L6s then ?:rofl:
  4. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    Because an enlightened man should appreciate more than just one marque/model/engine :D

    V8s are cool, just not in a Datsun !

    I have just bought an early Porsche 928 - that has a super smooth 4.5 litre V8 ;)
  5. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Please don't confuse 'cool' with decent engineering - agreed the 928 is magnificent and it rumbles houses but can we please drop some tired, wheezy old USA reject on a not very nimble chassis and get back on topic.

    This 280Z then - nice motor John ? Does it go ? I bet she does, I bet she does....
  6. Rob Gaskin

    Rob Gaskin Membership Secretary

    The only thing I know about Rovers is that the carbs off a TC work well on a Z!

    I wonder if an L Series (280Z Fi) would fit in a Rover? I always thought that it needed a straight 6 like the Triumph.

    Let's see how long we can stay off-topic :devil:
  7. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    Back on topic, Blue 280Z - no calls yet, no emails, nothing, zippo, diddly squat, not a sausage.........

    However, a well known car magazine ( well paper actually ) asked about doing a feature on it, they did also ask about doing a feature on the other Silver 280z a few weeks ago but I told them I didn't let the cars out on wet or salty roads so come back in June lol ! Maybe they think they stand more chance with this one as it is a bit cheaper.

    I think the Silver machine is slightly more worthy of a feature, even if just for the fact it is a manual rather than Auto so may give them a shout to see if we can tie it up early next week when I am back up North.

    Also going to swap the look on that. It seems I am in a small minority in liking the rear screen sun rack
    and even black wheels a bit ' street look ' not to everyone's liking. So, shiny matching RKRs going on and rack coming off. Do have European interest on this car though.
  8. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Not long :thumbs:and as a moderator, you ought to behave Mr G.:p

    So, DIN power - 139bhp ?

    Best way to upfgrade it and still using the Bosch L-Jetronic injection system and ECU ?
  9. status

    status Active Forum User

    That wasn't long
  10. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    That's what she said....
  11. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    Pleased to say this thread can now be closed with no more talk about V8s or Rovers as the Blue 280Z is now sold :thumbs:
  12. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    If you had a Trader's forum, you could manage, edit and close it yourself....
  13. chrisvega

    Z Club Member

    Would be a bit boring though as would have to stick to salient points and observations about said car for sale. No off road meandering about Rovers, V8s, Bond Bugs, Ligiers, which Z.....go on then S30/130 in case Mr.T is watching ;) is the quickest, the best, blah blah, the price of fish and the size of Status' appendage all of which were mentioned in this thread from memory.

    The managing and editing bit sounds tempting mind :D
  14. SeanDezart

    SeanDezart Official Trader

    Of course you can have all that - anyone can post (unless you've closed it already) AND as you've surmised, you can edit people's posts :devil: !

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