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1973 240z UK RHD

Discussion in 'Cars for Sale' started by SdR, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. SdR

    Z Club Member

    Good Day all,

    It is with regret that i have to sell my 240z. This was a dream buy for me however, career opportunities means i have to sell it (and my Nissan Sileighty also).

    The car is a pretty standard car. Other than a respray (originally 113 green metallic) and the period wolfrace wheels, everything is standard (as far as i believe).
    It has had a new stock exhaust and brake master cylinder installed.
    Work i am undertaking currently to pass its MOT is:
    Horn, Windscreen washers, Front nearside & offside repeater, front anti-roller bar linkage rubbers, front offside & Nearside ball joint dust cover, Front trailing arm rubbers, wheel bearings, manifold gasket.

    All the above are in the process of being replaced.

    The car suffers from very little rust. There is slight (50p) bubbling on the front wing and same on rear hatch.

    It has been undersealed (i believe i was told back in the 80's) and been dry stored since.

    I have replaced all the leads, dizzy internals, battery, plugs, filters and fluids.
    It now has four brand new tyres.
    Odometer reading 7,553miles (Obviously not the first time its hit this mileage :) ).

    The car did not come with any history however, it does come with a clear check and the chap i bought it from is very well know in the car and classic/import sales industry and i know he wouldn't sell me anything dodgey.

    It has two keys, the history of what i have done to it and will be sold with an MOT.

    I am not sure what else i can say about this car other than its a beaut and i am gutted to be selling it.

    If there is any serious interest please Private message so i can give you my phone number.

    More pics on request. Located in Odiham Hampshire.

    £24,995.00. ONO

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  2. 240Z Man

    240Z Man Forum User

    Thought I recognised the registration, this was a car I came across a couple years ago and as you will find with the link, I put it on here for sale for the owner. As I remember rightly the owner bought the car many years ago and was in the services. His main thing to me was that I find him a person to restore the car and enjoy it, but it seems like it ended up someone flipped the car and made a nice profit on it, as for the under sealing it was done pretty recently. Perhaps you wanna ask the guy who bought the car, he was called Madda and he is on this forum.

    As for price what you are selling it at, I personally think you are very optimistic if you feel like you are going to get that sort of money for it. There was one down the road from me the other day which sold on this forum for £20,000 to another member on the forum and it was in better condition and without a sunroof.

    Best of luck selling the car but you have to be realistic with pricing, but I also don't know how much you paid for the car.

  3. samuri-240

    samuri-240 New Forum User

    Its all gone too crazy, I knew when I sold mine I was letting it too cheap as it was a special car but that was my decision at the time. As for these people after major bucks for **** heaps & left hookers really pees me off, oh & the so called Samuri's :unsure:
    Did you see the rhd 240 with no floors & full of filler that sold on ebay for 15k a while back ? :eek: I know these cars inside out & it makes me want to cry when I see people parting with so much money for a money pit that would never be right with any amount of cash thrown at it. Anyway thats my two pence, very rarely visit this site since the sale of my baby, it was the end of an era for me (30 years to the actual day !!! ). The only thing to watch out for is I will be sticking all the Z stuff I have left on ebay over the next few weeks.
  4. samuri-240

    samuri-240 New Forum User

    Forgot to add which is best ?

    No floors or a sunroof ?
  5. madda

    madda Forum User

    I'm here, I bought it, didn't have the time to do it and sold it with no MOT at no profit.

    What has happened since is unknown to me but I can say it was caked in underseal from the day I bought it and they guy I sold it to said he planned a nut and bolt strip down almost immediately. That doesn't appear to have happened but it does have an MOT now so not one can comment on the work which could nor could not have been done.
  6. madda

    madda Forum User

    My plan was to stick a big modern engine in it as my white one is too mint and standard to modify.
  7. uk66fastback

    Z Club Member

    Can't you put it up here first? Might be nice ... or at least give links etc to the ebay auctions. Is it rare stuff?
  8. SacCyclone

    Z Club Member

    I agree with Mike, why not list the parts here first and give the chaps that really need the parts a chance at them first. BIN prices work well for you and the buyer.

    Seems like the parts I listed on US E-bay ended up being flipped a year or so later.

    Just a thought.
  9. SdR

    Z Club Member

    Hi All,
    Well, I am certainly not here as a car flipper. Like i said it is my dream car, but as the opportunity came about for me to go for my dream job, the car has to go. Like i said the MOT parts are being done as we speak and it will be sold with an MOT.
    I am happy to negotiate a price of course, This is a bench mark i was advised by someone that has knows the vehicle and the world of cars...i am not just being an optimistic car flipping chancer.
    Any ways, if anybody is interested, like i said, contact me.


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